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We Are GardeNeen Containers

We believe that plants have a central role in our modern lifestyle, wellbeing, transforming urban spaces into a beautiful, healthy and sustainable environments.

Janine Allen (Neen)

GardeNeen Containers is a gardening service in Seattle Washington. Janine started GardeNeen to share her love of gardening with the local urban client. Neen is a name that was given to Janine by her nieces and nephews when a monosyllabic name was easier to say. The name is dearly loved and now embraces Neen’s love for gardening through containers in the urban space.

Throughout her teaching career, Neen has traveled to many places around the world. While there, Neen’s curiosity about place included not only the people but also the climate and specific native plants. She has found that plants needing extra care in one corner of the world, are native growers on the other side of the globe! It was charming to see native orchids happily growing on trees in SE Asia, yet Neen struggling to coax an orchid to bloom in her Pacific Northwest home!


The recognition of lighting, growing zones, native plants and microclimates ignited Neen’s interest of gardening in challenging spaces. She became especially interested in container gardens to bring garden solutions for her own urban garden challenges. Neen is eager to share the enjoyment she experiences with having beautiful container gardens on her doorstep. 

Neen works closely with the urban client to design container gardens to bring a green space, peace, and tranquility to urban living spaces, businesses and to bring flourish to special celebrations. Meet with Neen to bring beauty to your doorstep!

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